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Our Journey

May 2013

Sowa Labs is established as a spin-off of a European research project.

May 2013 — Mar 2017

Designing and developing B2B products, gradually expanding our customer base in banking, trading, insurance, and IT.

Mar 2017

Looking for VC, finding a great partner with the same vision - Boerse Stuttgart.

Mar 2017 — Dec 2017

Revamping the strategy and the products.

Dec 2017

Officially acquired by Boerse Stuttgart Digital Ventures.

Aug 2018

Closed beta.

Dec 2018

Public beta.

Jan 2019

Public launch.


Making cool stuff.

About Sowa Labs

Sowa Labs is a fintech startup specialized in predictive data analytics and disruptive applications in trading of financial assets and cryptocurrencies.

Our mission is to build a brand-new trading experience that is simple, smart, and reliable. We focus on real-time data analytics in crypto and financial markets and the development of trading applications.

We have built our own artificial intelligence, with you, a future trader, in mind. Our technology puts you in the driver’s seat and makes finding trading opportunities and executing trades easier than online shopping. In 2017, we teamed up with Boerse Stuttgart Digital Ventures to create the future of trading.

Stay tuned to be the first to know how our journey continues.

Online Survey #thefutureofcrypto

We conducted a comprehensive survey on the future of cryptocurrency. A summary of the results is available as an infographic that you can access here.

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